Inaugural Bay Area Manufacturing Survey

Economic data plays a central role in our line of work. It’s how we know what industries are growing, how residents are faring and where our actions are needed most. For example, data shows us that manufacturing is one of San Jose’s largest sectors. Manufacturing accounts for 14% of all jobs in San Jose and as a “driving industry” it generates economic activity in other sectors as well.

But we need better data to track what’s really happening. How many local jobs are in production, compared to sales, distribution, or prototyping? How much of the industry performs contract work? Do workforce hiring, real estate availability or overseas competition pose bigger challenges to local employers?

As part of a region-wide effort to better understand the characteristics, strengths and challenges of the local manufacturing industry, San Jose has partnered with nonprofit SFMade and the cities of Fremont, Oakland, and San Francisco to launch the first-ever Bay Area Urban Manufacturing Survey.

The inaugural survey represents an opportunity to get a snapshot of the local manufacturing industry in San Jose and the greater Bay Area at a fine-grained level. With more current and detailed information, policy makers will have the tools to craft better policy in support of local manufacturing. Moreover, the survey establishes a baseline for mapping trends in manufacturing. The survey has already drawn hundreds of responses, but with more than 950 companies in San Jose alone, we’re making a big push for participation to ensure the results are fully representative of San Jose’s diverse manufacturing industry.

Whether a company is engaged in R&D, prototyping, production, no matter the scale or industry, we want to hear from them.

The five-minutes survey can be found below: