In a report that analyzes 30 metropolitan areas in terms of the economic impact of what they call digitalization, Brookings has just ranked San Jose ranks as #1 – possibly a bit of a mixed blessing! An informative infographic tells the story.

In recent decades, the diffusion of digital technology into nearly every business and workplace, also known as digitalization, has been remaking the U.S. economy and the world of work. The “digitalization of everything” has at once increased the potential of individuals, firms, and society while also contributing to a series of troublesome impacts and inequalities, such as worker pay disparities across many demographics, and the divergence of metropolitan economic outcomes.

In short, digitalization appears to be associated with several important economic benefits for cities but also with the widening performance and wage gaps.

As the highest ranking city on this list, San Jose is actively engaged in finding the best balance between adopting technological innovations and quality of life for all our residents and workers. Read the article, and for more information, contact Donovan Lazaro, Business Development Officer, OED.