Checkmate Boxing – Boxing, technology and community all rolled into one terrific workout

Every once in a while a new business opens in downtown San Jose by owners who step out of the high-pressure day-to-day grind of corporate America and into a business focused on building community.

Such is the case of Checkmate Boxing, a new business at 157 W. San Fernando that celebrated its grand opening in September. Checkmate Boxing is the brainchild of bioengineer, amateur boxer, and fitness enthusiast Amy Mongersun, and boxing coach, personal trainer and former Frito-Lay sales rep Anthony Palomo.

From left, co-owner Amy Mongersun, San Jose CM Raul Peralez, and co-owner Anthony Palomo in the ring at Checkmate Boxing.

Amy met Anthony in 2017 when she walked into a local boxing and fitness gym and immediately fell in love with the intensity and technicality of the sport. Since then, both Amy and Anthony have devoted their efforts towards mastering the art of boxing and have relished in the focus and tenacity each has gained from daily training. The result of Anthony and Amy’s mutual passion for the sport led to the creation of Checkmate Boxing in Downtown San Jose.

Both founders hope to instill in  clients their love of the sport of boxing, as well as the confidence, resiliency, and relentless determination they have gained from boxing (both inside and outside of the ring).  Both believe that by fostering the character and mentality of a competitive boxer, and by maintaining scientific and technical rigor in fitness and training, they can help clients gain an extraordinary will to overcome obstacles that will carry over to success in their day-to-day lives, mentally and physically, and have fun while doing it.

“I know how intimidating it can be for a woman to walk into a boxing gym for the first time, but we want everyone to feel welcome,” Mongersun said.

The gym’s slogan is The Hard Science meets The Sweet Science based on the gym’s location in tech-heavy Silicon Valley and her background in bioengineering.

“We use metrically driven data and integrate cutting edge technology into your workouts to improve your fitness levels while adhering to the highest standards of boxing fundamentals and science,” Palomo said.  “At Checkmate, the fun comes in learning boxing styles, using boxing tactics, utilizing high-tech machinery to reach goals programmed months in advance, and get into peak shape.”

City Councilmember Raul Peralez (D3) and Nate Le Blanc of San Jose Downtown Association were on hand to officiate at the opening of the facility, located at 157 W San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113. Additional details are available at