City vitals 3.0 benchmarks San Jose among 130 cities nationwide


San Jose recently ranked among the top regions in the US in CEO’s for Cities’ City Vitals 3.0 report. The report measures the performance of 130 cities and metro regions nationwide on essential characteristics that underlie urban vitality and economic prosperity. The four “City Vitals” categories are Connections, Innovation, Talent, and Your Distinctiveness. Here is where San Jose ranked #1 nationally.

  • #1 Patents–in number of patents per employees
  • #1 Venture Capital–with $2,631 venture capital per person
  • #1 International Talent–in 25 year olds and older that have received a college degree and were born outside of the US
  • #1 Creative Professionals–in percentage of population employed as mathematicians, scientists, engineers, artists, architects, designers and entertainers
  • #1 Traded Sector Talent–in percentage of workers with degrees and working in the private sector
  • #1 Foreign Travel–for percentage of population having traveled outside US in 2012-2013
  • For a copy of the report, or more information, contact Cara Douglas, Senior Business Communications