Co-working comes to warehouse space: San Jose welcomes CustomSpace

For businesses that need room for assembling, fixing, deploying and managing inventory, office space and general storage CustomSpace is the innovative solution, with a growing roster of facilities across the country, now including an increasingly busy location in San Jose, adjacent to the Santa Clara University campus.

San Jose is the seventh location for the Bay Area-based company. It was created when the founder Jon Zimmerman realized the self-storage business was missing a market.  Many small businesses need more than office and storage – they need room to assemble, pack, create, receive, ship, photograph, pick up and drop off…. stuff.

Example unit at CustomSpace

“I saw what was needed was that next step, after you have built your business at the kitchen table and your garage workshop. All of a sudden you need a lot more space, not just for storage but to do the actual hands-on work including back-office, but you are not ready for a long-term lease,” said Zimmerman. “CustomSpace is the answer – flexible leases, lots of room, parking, amenities, easy in-and-out access with full security, and you can work in your unit, not just store stuff in it.”

The San Jose CustomSpace is located at 1185 Campbell Avenue, with units ranging in size from 250 to 5,000 square feet, offering 24/7 access, cameras and overnight security, and shipping docks. For moving inventory and equipment inside the facility, forklift and pallet movers are available along with training and certification on their use. Current San Jose tenants include: OnePointOne, an indoor farm that reduces water use and human effort while growing tasty, fresh produce in warehouse spaces; a business that supplies a local sports team’s gift shop; and a limousine service. Additional tenants include online order fulfillment businesses, gardening or home maintenance services, and packing and delivery services – almost anything short of actual production or manufacturing. CustomSpace amenities include various-sized conference rooms, a secured mail room, a break room and lounge including an outdoor patio, and free Wi-Fi. Parking is included in the rental agreement.

Kitchen/break room at CustomSpace

While hosting a tour for OED’s Business Development group, Zimmerman explained that one of the toughest decisions for a renter is what size unit he or she actually needs. “We say that whatever a customer thinks they need, it’s usually 50% smaller or 50% bigger than that.” Luckily, the CustomSpace model accommodates companies who suddenly need more or less space, at a reasonable cost and with minimal paperwork.

Partners in CustomSpace are CEO Jon Zimmerman, and COO Kevin Petrovic.  Zimmerman came from a career in the public storage industry where he recognized the need for a new concept, leading to the creation of CustomSpaces, He is also an entertainment producer including HBO and Comedy Central credits. Petrovic is an entrepreneur who at the age of 17 founded FlightCar, a peer-to-peer airport car-sharing company which eventually attracted more than $20 $40 million in VC funding and was sold to Mercedes Benz.

For more information about site location and business opportunities in San Jose, contact Nathan Donato-Weinstein, OED Business Development Officer. For information about CustomSpace, visit the company’s website.