Indie Coffee Houses Perk Up Downtown

I love coffee. And the recent growth of coffee scene in Downtown San Jose is on point! As more and more local and independent coffee shops continue to pop up in Downtown, I couldn’t be happier. Not only do they add to the many choices in high-quality, caffeinated beverages and coffee shops to enjoy, it’s actually part of my job to help to coffee shops locate in Downtown – which makes the deal even sweeter!

To me (as to any coffee lover) coffee is magic! Just experience the dramatic attitude adjustment once coffee has been consumed, and you’ll see. In fact, I am so obsessed with this magical bean that I have actually looked up “coffee” on Google while I was writing this blog. It wasn’t futile though, I found some cool facts about coffee, most of which you coffee buffs probably already know.

One in particular was quite interesting – coffee houses were banned in England because that’s where all the cool kids were drinking. Okay, so that’s stretching it a bit, but check this – apparently, in 1675 King Charles II banned coffee shops because he thought that that’s where people were meeting to conspire against him!

Conspiracy or not, we do know that some of the most brilliant ideas (or conspiracies, to some) come to us hanging out in coffee shops, brainstorming, or working quietly while sipping on a cup of Joe. Take for ephilzxample, the San Jose Pop Up Project – the idea started during a casual coffee chat at B2 Coffee at San Pedro Square. Read the Mercury News article about the project.

So we can all rejoice the growing coffee scene in Downtown with Social Policy, Ola’s, Voltaire, Vero’s and Kartma Coffee opening up just in the last year, joining the already established downtown community of distinguished coffee shops such as B2, Philz, Café Frascatti, Devine Grind, iJava and Bel Bacio. And there’s more coming – Chromatic Coffee’s recent announcement to open up a café on 2nd Street! Need I say more?

My fellow foodies and craft-culture fanatics, I invite you to indulge in Downtown San Jose’s next culinary movement – local independent coffee shops. And while you are hanging out, enjoying your new favorite coffee, go ahead and come up with as many ideas or conspiracies as you can to make your Downtown even better!

Tina Kapoor, Downtown Coordinator
Twitter: @TKapoorSJ