Advanced Manufacturing


San Jose’s manufacturing sector is sophisticated, fast, and efficient. With strength in R&D, and access to a highly skilled workforce and technology, manufacturers play a vital role in Silicon Valley’s innovation economy. Here, new products come to market faster than anywhere in the world. Join us.


Did you know?6 of the 10 global electronic manufacturing service providers have significant operations in San Jose.

#whysjThe talent pool in San Jose is ideally suited for both the development and manufacture of core products.
– James Palazzolo,
President, ZOLL


Cradle-to-Scale Innovation

With a vast hardware supplier network, skilled design firms, and manufacturers with expertise in consumer electronics, defense, medical and telecommunications—San Jose’s ecosystem of specialized manufacturers, global service providers, and leading contract manufacturers thrive. Grow with us.


Locate Near Customers

Whether a global corporation or startup—manufacturing companies in San Jose have unprecedented access to customers and networks.


How We Help

San Jose’s is committed to the development and growth of manufacturing in the region. Contact Chris Burton, Senior Business Development Manager, to learn more about our programs and initiatives. We are here to help.


Business Assistance Programs

Manufacturers benefit from San Jose’s Expedited Permitting, Foreign Trade Zone, and Use Tax Incentive Programs. Click here for more information about how our Business Assistance Programs can work for you.


Silicon Valley Manufacturing Roundtable Initiative (SVMR)

SVMR is a San Jose-led collaborative that brings together manufacturers, educators, and stakeholders to network and benchmark industry initiatives.

#whysj“The City of San Jose’s appointment-based permitting process worked well and allowed us to meet critical milestones and get our operations up and running quickly.”

Menko de Roos, CEO of Xicato.