San Jose is the place for developing new technologies that will help the world face climate change and meet unprecedented global energy needs. Clean transportation, solar, smart-grid, efficient building systems, and energy storage businesses thrive in San Jose.


How We Help

San Jose’s clean tech businesses benefit from unrivalled access to venture funding, highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, research institutions and cutting-edge technology accelerators. Our team is here to help you start and grow your clean tech business in San Jose. Contact us to get started.

[highlight img=”” hashtag=”Did You Know”]In 2014, San Jose was ranked the #2 metro area for clean tech leadership.
Source: CleanEdge

San Jose’s Demonstration Partnership Program

San Jose’s Demonstration Parternship Program provides businesses resources to demonstrate innovative clean tech solutions that support San Jose’s Economic Development Strategy. For more information about resources available, click here, or contact Reena Brilliot for more information.


Leading Innovation

San Jose adopted 10 Green Vision goals in 2007 to transform San Jose into a world-class hub for clean technology. The city’s Green Vision goals are measured annually and include job creation, energy use and environmental stewardship. Click here for more information.


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San Jose reaches milestone in 2014 by generating more than 50% of Green Vision’s goal to create 25,000 Clean Tech jobs by 2022.



Resources and Clean Tech Partners

Prospect Silicon Valley is a nonprofit center dedicated to catalyzing and commercializing technologies for clean, connected cities. Prospect SV’s 22,500 sq.ft. technology demonstration center provides work space, lab facilities and other services that help companies develop and launch new technology into the market.

San Jose Environmental Innovation Center (EIC) is city-owned LEED Platinum facility containing a new 15,000 square foot Habitat for Humanity ReStore and a state-of-the-art Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Facility.

San Jose BioCube offers scalable office space, state-of-the-art lab facilities and business support to life science, nanotech and clean tech startup companies.