#1 Happiest City in US for Young Professionals

As the largest city in the Bay Area, a growing concentration of young professionals, expert technologists and experienced managers call San Jose home. You will have the advantage of accessing a globally diverse workforce by locating here.


  • 1 in 3 San Jose residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 1 in 5 hold degrees in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • #1 city nationally for foreign-born talent
  • 50% of San Jose residents have a college degree or higher, making San Jose one of the most highly educated communities in the nation
  • Nation’s top three cities in education levels and household income



San Jose leads national rankings for employee satisfaction in Glassdoor annual employment satisfaction report card by city for 2014



San Jose metro area tops rankings for economic growth and job development in area development magazine’s leading locations for 2014



San Jose on top of national rankings in national bureau of economic research for upward mobility


Globally Fluent

San Jose attracts an international workforce, where 38 percent of the population are foreign-born. Of this population, more than 50 percent hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. By tapping into this global talent pool, local companies serve diverse clients and are highly competitive in the world’s marketplaces.


Local Universities

San Jose companies benefit from proximity to the region’s top-ranked universities, including San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, and University of California-Berkeley.

  • San Jose State anchors Downtown with 30,000 students, providing a steady stream of new recruits and interns


Local University Graduates Annually



Ample Housing

San Jose offers ample housing options for all lifestyles and income-levels, from more than 2,000 new high-rise apartments Downtown, to single-family homes in diverse neighborhoods near parks, schools and area amenities.


San Jose has


new homes.

Did You KnowSan Jose area is #1 City in America for share of the workforce employed in Advanced Industries
– Brookings Institute