Expedited Permitting


Special Tenant Improvement and Industrial Tool Installation Programs

The City of San Jose is committed to timely and predicable permit processing to ensure costs to businesses are minimized and efficiencies increased. The Special Tenant Improvement and Industrial Tool Installation programs expedite plan review and permitting, offering significant time and cost savings over traditional permitting and San Jose’s Express Review Service. This is accomplished by including all design professionals at the onset, allowing questions and issues to be resolved on the spot.


of applicants receive permits on same day as expedited permit meeting

The City turned a permit process we thought could take months into an afternoon.

Lou Monsour

Director of Bay Area Facilities, JDS Uniphase


Expedited Permitting Program

  • Teams from applicable City departments join to address development review issues in a single expedited process. Processing fees are assessed, according to the City’s Expedited Plan Review Fee Schedule.
  • There are no limits to size or complexity for qualifying projects.
  • The City team helps establish Preliminary Review meetings for design consultants during the design phase to resolve code interpretation questions.
  • Next day inspection services are available through Expedited Inspection Fee Program upon request.