SJ #3 Most Diverse U.S. Big City

In a recent survey of US cities in terms of diversity, WalletHub ranked San Jose as the #3 most diverse of the U.S. big cities, with New York at#1 and Oakland at #2. Compared to all 500 U.S. cities in the survey, San Jose came in at #8. WalletHub is personal finance website, and their survey compared U.S. cities in terms of ethnoracial diversity, linguistic diversity and birthplace diversity.

Diversity Ranking of US Big Cities – WalletHub

San Jose scored 15th in ethnodiversity (Oakland, Calif., was #1) and 2nd in linguistic diversity (Jersey City, N.J. was #1).

The survey points out that this is just a snapshot in a fast-changing environment, and by 2044 no single ethnic group will constitute the majority in the U.S., for the first time.

With immigration reform still in flux and under active debate, we may see additional changes in these measures of diversity. What won’t change, however, is the San Jose tradition and benefit of being a richly diverse city, with the multiple cuisines, languages, art and music drawn to the city from all over the world. As we found when we surveyed influentials throughout the community as part of developing our San Jose identity campaign, a good idea doesn’t respect language barriers, and San Jose is all about developing, fostering and improving on good ideas, wherever they come from!

Get all the details from WalletHub’s full report.