The most-read stories of 2018

Confirming our suspicion that our audience is diverse and curious, a review of our most popular stories in 2018 prove that you have a wide range of interests.

The most popular blogpost was posted in July and appeared in our August SJ Economy News, about a Brookings study that showed San Jose was the second fastest-growing economy globally, after Dublin, Ireland.

The next story in popularity was our announcement of the 2018 date for VivaCalle San Jose, one of the city’s most popular annual events. It ran in the June issue of the newsletter, having been published as a blog post in May.

From a specific, fun event to a big-picture review of Downtown changes and trends, the third most-read story was our Downtown Progress Report, which was published in August and recapped in the September newsletter.

The next two stories are a couple of our favorites, too – focusing on an individual and a business that are part of the unique fabric of this city. We loved being able to highlight Eddie Garces’ 40-year career that started when he brought Olympus’ medical equipment repair facility to San Jose, in a September blogpost by Donovan Lazaro which was in the October newsletter. 

Rounding out the top five most-read stories of 2018 was a close-up on a start-up that started as a secret – the opening of Clandestine Brewing on South First Street. We loved the chance to highlight the burgeoning craft beer culture that is finding a welcoming place in San Jose with a newsletter item in March, harking back to the February blogpost.

Our lesson for this year is to continue to look for stories that run the gamut from high-level analyses of trends that impact San Jose’s economy to details on the events, people and businesses that make San Jose such a rich place to live and work. Thanks for coming along for the ride!