VivaCalle SJ – Parks to Roses!

Intense rain and even hail dampened VivaCalle SJ in May this year, and luckily, this year we are going to enjoy two VivaCalle SJ Sundays! The second VivaCalle SJ is planned for Sunday, September 22, threading a beautiful route from The Alameda through some of downtown’s most interesting parks.

The route will stretch about six miles, between the Municipal Rose Garden and Bakesto Park, with activity hubs at Arena Green, St. James Park and Japantown. Check out the website for more details.

VivaCalle SJ is completely free and open to all who are ready to explore on foot, stroller, bike, skateboard, roller skates or other non-motorized vehicle. The streets are closed to cars or other vehicles with engines – VivaCalle is about leisurely, human-powered exploration of the most interesting parts of San Jose. There are concerts and vendors along the way, together with organized fun at each of the activity hubs.  Start anywhere along the six mile route, and go in either direction, from 10 am to 3 pm. Check out the website for more details and information.