Welcome Vic Farlie, Business Development Officer!

We are delighted to welcome Vic Farlie to OED’s business development team. His role is to engage businesses across the City of San Jose and support them to invest and grow.

Vic is a Brit who brings deep experience as a successful business owner and public servant focusing on local economic development. In response to London’s loss of traditional manufacturing, he was a leading figure in establishing the innovative Greenwich Enterprise Board as a partnership to restore historic buildings and build new commercial floor-space.

After emigrating to the Bay Area, he established a niche consultancy service for construction and related trades. As a resident of San Jose he now sees the opportunity to apply this knowledge and experience as part of OED’s business development team.

Vic is interested in sourcing information and building knowledge in the new ‘Fintech’ area and the traditional financial sector as it generates new business models, start-ups and products. He welcomes enquiry from anyone with an interest in Fintech as he builds an industry network of individuals here in San Jose.

The OED Business Development team is headed by Chris Burton, Deputy Director of Economic Development. Our Downtown Manager is Blage Zelalich, is assisted by Sal Alvarez who manages San Jose’s Storefront Assistance program, our City banner program, and other initiatives focused on place making in the downtown and neighborhood business districts. Three other Business Development Officers support Chris – Joe Hedges, Nathan Donato-Weinstein and Donovan Lazaro, whose special areas of interest are, respectively, international business and investment, commercial real estate use and opportunities, and advanced manufacturing. Elisabeth Handler is the Public Information Manager. The business development team will continue to grow this year as we look to fill our vacant Economic Data Analyst and newly created Housing Catalyst position, and our group will be joined by three interns this fall, two business majors at Santa Clara University, and one PR/Advertising major from San Jose State University.

Here in City Hall our role is to be an advocate for business, supporting policies that encourage investment and business retention. It is a work in progress that enables the City to constantly think through the best way to design and support a business friendly environment. Every business has a different need so our aim is to understand and respond efficiently, building long term relationships. We also look to develop targeted approaches for key sectors across the San Jose economy. The team typically provides strategic information and advice on land use zoning, the labor market, and business support opportunities.

Interested in new ideas for innovation with business and stakeholders, Vic wants to develop best practice and share knowledge in the most impactful way. To get to know Vic, or to invite him to weigh in on any San Jose-related business issues, we encourage you to reach out to Vic Farlie directly!